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Orchard House - ongoing

About the project:  Everything about this contemporary and stately bungalow has a direct connection to nature. From the view of each room to the materials used to create each room and even the overall design direction of each room…as we said when we started, everything about this home is an ode to nature.  What we love about this project is that, yes, it is glossy, and yes, it is expansive in scale…despite these uber-luxe elements, the home manages to stay in sync with mother nature, and by all accords has a warmth that’s infectious. That’s a feat if ever we saw one! ​The wood-cladded facade stands out for its stellar form and structure..this project as the ‘House of the Tropics’ and here’s his explanation for that terminology. “This classic design is inspired by nature in the tropics is a warm and inviting home with reminiscent of a farmhouse where interior interacts with outdoors. It is designed in respect with straight lines and open spaces, exuberating elegant décor.”

Project Specs: Chennai

Area: 2050 sqft (plot) , 4500 ( BUILT UP AREA)

Floors: G+1

Features: Cantilever terrace garden, open court.


Style: Sustainable, Green, Urban, Contemporary

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