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Parallel Lines


 Belaku is inspired by a love of the places we live and play; modern, sustainable and open. A place where people make a connection to nature and each other through living in harmony with their surroundings. Belaku is also about celebrating design, community and architecture.set in a mundane neighborhood in the city ,asurrounded by residential and . the  House is a response to the client’s brief of wanting a unique and functional home. Rooted in simplicity and minimalism, it stands there strikingly and completely in harmony with its surroundings to provide the user with a house that they can call their home. Day by day everyone’s house is becoming bigger and bigger. At such times, one has to think beyond usual when a client approaches with a requirement of a five-bedroom house on an extremely compact site of 2100 sq. ft. The site, upon excluding the mandatory setbacks, elicits just the bare minimum floor space for the house.

Project Specs : JP NAGAR .

Area: 5500 sqft

Floors:  2 and half

Features: courtyard, cantilever garden, huge balcony/terraces.

Amenities: residential

Style: Sustainable, Green, Urban, Contemporary

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